Roof Inspection
Due on: May 01

WhatYou should be doing a roof inspection once a year.WhyYour roof is probably the single most important surface of your home.HowConsider calling a certified roofing company to do your inspection if you believe you have any issues with your roof. Most homeowners are just not comfortable getting up on their roof to do their own visual inspection. If you don't want to call a roofer or climb up on the roof yourself; and if your roof is visible from the ground, grab a pair of binoculars and take a look. Take note of any loose or broken shingles, stains, mildew, holes, and/or mold. All of these are reasons why you would want a professional to do a thorough inspection. If you are comfortable getting up on your roof, do a visual inspection of all surfaces paying particular attention to the areas around skylights, chimneys, or vents that come out of the roof. These areas are prone to water collection, cracking, and leaks. All should be reviewed by a certified roofer if discovered.

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