It's time to close down your Sprinkler/Irrigation System for the winter season.


Leaving water in your sprinkler line during colder weather months can cause ruptures of pipes or other expensive damage.


Consider hiring an irrigation company to service and close down your irrigation system for the season. Most companies offer annual plans that include both start up and close down at the end of the season. Items on the shutdown checklist (there may be others depending on your particular system) will include the following: 1) Shutting off the irrigation controller and unplugging/disconnecting it. 2) Shutting off the main water source powering the irrigation system. 3) Relieving the water pressure on the system by slowly opening the manual shut off handle on one of the zone control valves. 4) Blowing out each of the water lines in succession (generally 2 times) with an air compressor so that no water is left to freeze and damage pipes.
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